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19-1 How to sell a horse to the auction room ?
19-2 Can I sell several horses at a time?
19-3 Can I sell several lots at a time?
19-4 How long does an auction run for?
19-5 When does an auction start?
19-6 Who sets the opening price of an auction?
19-7 What is a Reserve Price?
19-8 As a seller of lot in the auction room, is my deposit refunded after the sale of my lot?
19-9 Why the principle of deposit for a sale reserve price?
19-10 Is a new bid auction immediately debited? Is it later immediately credited when another buyer place a higher bid?
19-11 Why pay more than the next step in the bidding ? Why use the "auto-bid" function?
19-12 As a buyer, how do I know if the seller has provided a reserve price?
19-13 Do I pay a commission on the sale of my horse or my lot of horses when I sell through the auction system?
19-14 What happens if I finish as highest bidder in an auction where the reserve price has not been reached ?
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