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7-1 What are the sources of income for a stable owner on Newturf?
7-2 How to nominate a horse?
7-3 When is prizemoney paid after the race ?
7-4 The horse I bought won the race! Why don't I get winnings?
7-5 How can I hide the squares of a horse when it is taking part to a race?
7-6 How can I watch my horse racing?
7-7 I am not connected to the website often enough to have the pleasure of watching my horse race live.
With so many clues to tell me whether I won or lost a race as soon as I connect (my account balance the left side menu, the column last race in my stable table), is there any way to keep the suspense and the excitement of viewing the race?
7-8 How to change the Trainer or the Jockey of my horse?
7-9 I have an other jockey to drive my horse.
What happens if the jockey is not around to validate a tactic before the race?
Does he still get the 7% fee if the horse wins?
7-10 I’m going away on holiday. I am expecting some foals to be born early next month and will not be around to take care of their training. Is it possible to hand horses, that are not yet born, over to trainers in advance?
7-11 Once registered to a race, how can I know before the race if my horse has been assigned a handicap?
7-12 Do tests impact the fatigue of a horse?
7-13 When I do not manage to sell a horse that I do not want to keep, can I opt for early retirement?
7-14 How can you get breeding points for your stallion?
7-15 I am the owner of a stallion. I have sold a covering to a breeder but I haven't been paid yet!
7-16 I do not manage to cancel my nomination while the registration to the race is not closed yet.
7-17 How can we change the name of a horse?
7-18 How to retire a horse?
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