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3 years - (Final Prize Pool, estimation = €3.77)

Horse Sex Earnings Stable Owner Points
1 Nosy Be Song Female € 8.37 Ecurie de Pom Roll Qualified for the final
2 Ixia de Barol Female € 1.26 Stonka Qualified for the final
3 Notaire Royal Male € 6.76 Ecurie de Pom Roll Qualified for the final
4 Neutron de Patagonie Male € 0.93 Ecurie de Pom Roll 1 point
5 Never Avec Me Male € 4.13 Ecurie de Pom Roll 1 point
Past qualifying races : Prix De Rome (03/07/2018 14:03:00) - Prix Victor Régis (14/07/2018 14:03:00) - Prix J.De Vauloger (19/07/2018 14:03:00) -
Next races : Prix Pierre Plazen (21/07/2018) - Prix Uranie (23/07/2018) -

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newturf guide The Random Number Generator (RNG), scaling, and mapping algorithms used (in small proportion) in the transmission from one generation to another of genetic factors (heredity and breeding algorithms) have been independantly evaluated as fair and not predictable.

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